Constricting airways

That moment when you can’t breathe, because you are so utterly disappointed by someone you have entrusted your future with. 

That moment when your breathe seems to quicken because of the lack of oxygen, among the lack of many other things that you have been going through all this time. 

That moment when you try to take deep breathes because you try so hard to tell yourself that it is OK, and that everything will be alright again eventually. 

That moment when you chest heaves upwards to draw in an enormous gulp of air, you can almost feel your lungs expanded to its biggest limits and stretching the possible capacity within your cavity like how you’ve been stretching yourself. 

That moment when you exhale slowly, little gusts of air that come out choppy because you can’t think of anything else you would want to feel, because it does really feel like you’ve been chopped into tiny little pieces of particles.  

That moment when the very last breathe of air leaves your body and your decide to resign in defeat because there really isn’t anything else you can do.