I couldn’t help hear the cracking of the thin ice beneath me, as I shift my weight from left to right, I could feel it shuddering underneath me, waiting and waiting for the right moment…

I am preyed on by my own demons, I need to learn to control my emotions, he says.

How do I learn to put a halter on my demon colt? How do I put on my saddle for my emotions? How do you tame the intangible?

I had so many questions, but most importantly I have so many feelings. Gushing like an open wound, like gashes in my brain where the feelings just overflow and drown out everything else, covering and covering all sensibility and senses. The anger, the hurt, the pain, the sadness overwhelms me and overrides my systems, I can feel my heart panging in my chest, I can feel it thumping irrevocably hard, as if it is about to burst? Do you know how I feel? Do you know what I mean?