Suddenly recalling

She was walking back home one day, it was a nice evening, the air was not too humid and heavy, her feet were not too tired, and the breeze was just blowing into the right direction. You see, when the wind blows from the right, her fringe would go splaying across her face and cover her eyes, and she wouldn’t see where she needed to go. She might trip, or even fall over and bruise herself again, like the last time…

So it was just along this trail of thoughts that she suddenly recalled a sensation: a panging, beating crazy heart that pumped her blood too fast her eyes would water, and pushing and pushing her blood to her face along with that unnecessary rush of blood to her head as well. Blinding and binding, how ironic that these two words should be so close to each other!

The breeze changed direction as she hurried back into her comfort zone, better stay safe, better not to feel the good breeze if it meant risking bruises and scratched all over.


In adequate


How can this feeling vibrate in my chest like rebounding

rebounding balls, slamming their bodies

against my rib cage and so

inadequate I feel so jealous-angry-inadequate.

Have you ever___________?

Or playfully say you have forgotten about me, about me about me and, also about her?

Maybe you cannot understand this

EXploding sensation, imploring me

imploring me to keep it in keep it in

KEEP OUT the sign said, and I glared at you from the other side of the fence and you left.