Dear diary

“Your lips are soft and I like to kiss them,” she whispered in his ear, toying with his lips with her cold finger tips. “I like how you lie to me with them and tell me how beautiful I am, and how we will be together for millenias to come.” Sighing, she lied down beside him. “Why do you love me?” she asked, slyly, almost as if her large brown eyes were daring him to say something she didn’t want to hear. 

What is the point really? In asking questions that you know the answer to because it is the only answer available. Afterall, other answers meant certain death. 

She watched as he swallowed nervously, wanting to make sure he said the right things. 

“Because… you make me happy, and you’re beautiful,” eyeing her carefully, he continued cautiously. “Your eyes, your hips, your lips… Not only your body but your mind, you make me love you with your wit, your humour and your love for me. ”

He probably decided to give away all cautious and to hell with all the nonsense he read online. 

“I love you because I do, I can’t explain it, it isn’t like the articles you see on Facebook. It’s not about the 7 chracteristics you have that make you the perfect girlfriend, honestly how hard is it to find a girl with all 7 traits? You don’t even have some, but fuck it, I want you and I love you, all the same. ” He paused, as if to let the words sink in. 

She sighed again, slipping her fingers between his. “You know exactly the right words to say, I love you too. ”

He held her closer and felt the nuzzle of his chin against her head, her locks of black hair carelessly flung across the pillows. 

“And I do too. “

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