Taking stock of 2015

2015 was a kiss on the forehead and a slap in the face, not simultaneously, but more in intervals, with time for me to feel the sweet intensity and the pain in between.

Lesson 1

Don’t give time to those who you won’t give a shit about in 3 years time.

Lesson 2

Don’t always believe what people say, especially when you’re blinded by your feelings.

Lesson 3

Being honest can be a pain in the ass, but if you want to choose the longer road, you have to tell the partial truth.

Lesson 4

Friends are indispensable, love those who stayed with you through thick and thin.

Lesson 5

Tears are valuable, not a tool to trick anyone, just an expression of emotions or feelings. Don’t misuse it, don’t abuse it, don’t dwell in it either.

Lesson 6

A mountain will always be a mountain.

No new year, new me bullshit.

Same old me, ready for more days ahead that are hopefully less of a waste of time. Be happy for 2016, and it will be a happy year for you.

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