Fire fire fire

Like a lonely stranger stranded on an island, I couldn’t help reach into your fiery depths- A bonfire of brilliance, an exploding sensation, a marvellous glow in the dark, dark nights. I felt my arm embrace a bubbling lava, the molten rocks melted my skin, as I perspired I realised that I was burning, but it was better than dying cold and alone.

Waves, crashing along the shore while I hopelessly, recklessly cling on to the flames to not freeze, because I prefer going like a firework, igniting all of me with all of you, than to ebb away and lay in the morning like a pile of unburnt wood.

When you laugh with fire in you, you feel like this warmth spreads to your fingertips, with the tingling sensation lingering just below your tummy, a bright light has been lit within you. When you cry with fire in you, it is like your tears scorch your skin, the drips of hot, burning water tumble down your cheek and sizzle as they drip onto your clothes. When you’re mad with fire in you, it is like there is this overwhelming rage, a pot that has been boiling too long, a hot pan with no oil.

So I welcome you into my life, although you leave me burning.tumblr_nu1unoROIY1sgca36o1_1280

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