Peaceful silence

I suppose there is always that moment when no one speaks, and everything’s seems terribly awkward– the air has frozen solid, everything else is just so LOUD and the silence kills you.

I’m glad there’s never been a moment like that with you, only the peaceful silence where I get to place my head over your chest and let your heartbeat vibrate my ear drums. The sound of your breathing calms me, there is no need for any thing else to make me happy as long as you’re by my side, as long as you would enjoy this silence with me.
The ticking of the clock, the strong, steady beat of your heart, the rising and falling of your chest as you breathe in and out: this is my lullaby, my favourite kind of silence.

No words, no need to complicate matters by trying to fill in the gaps between time with meaningless words and sentences that are all empty and without content. The silence is pure gold for me, and it is what I like most about us, being comfortable.

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