I lay on the bed, slightly perspiring. My throat is parched and itchy, I try to suppress my cough but the monster still manages to shake my whole body, moving my aching muscles. I could feel that the temperature of my body was way too high, my face was hot and blushed. I wheeze a little because of the mucus in my lungs, my breathing is shallow and quick. 

My phone vibrates again and again, the messages pile up, but all I wanted to do was rest and avoid people. Humans are such complex beings, wanting to be alone but being afraid of loneliness. We crave the touch of our fellow human beings, but sometimes detest our own kind for its treacherous nature. What is it with us humans that make us that complicated?

The chat box opens on its own, I see your name again, the same name I used to love. But this time your words hurt me, because they are killing you. I have no idea how to say goodbye properly, I have never been good with them. But perhaps it is time to say goodbye for good.

I toss and turn to find myself feeling even worse than before, but the medicine was doing its work and I drifted into a dreamless sleep.

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