A note on Friendship

Sometimes these people whom we trust and spill our hearts to betray us, and perhaps that’s just a part of life we should get used to. But sometime no matter how many times you’ve stabbed it still hurts.

Or worse than becoming enemies, is to simply be forgotten, thrown to the side by someone you cherish, you care about and put in first place. Then you realise that you’ve always been the spare, the back-up plan for someone’s boredom, the second-best to their true friends.

People will tell you that these are not your friends, just people whom you should forget and that you will find better friends and people who actually care about you, etc, etc.
But how much longer should I search until I give up? Until I realise that, maybe I was meant to be alone?

Friendship, is something even more fragile than love, there is no promises made to another soul that is unbreakable in either relationship, yet people just never take promises with a friendship as serious as they would when in a relationship. This is a pre-programmed setting in humans, the essential illness of us all.

Who are your true friends?




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