Have you ever had that moment where you just sat there reminiscing the past and start to feel the bubbling nostalgia? That feeling is how I feel whenever I look back in my life. Sometimes it aches so much, I wish that I could go back in time. The period where I was happiest, busy yet always filled with this deep satisfaction.

This nostalgia ulcerates, like a wound that hasn’t been treated properly. The pain of losing something so dear, is always such a crushing feeling. Whenever you touch it, you feel this jolt of agony run through your veins, as if the monster inside you has been awaken. You feel it’s hunger for the past, things that will never be again. The deep longing and lust for a time machine to throw yourself into and stay in the time where you were somebody.

Then you realise you’re being nostalgic again, you remind yourself you should always move forward. There is no going back, but still miles to go before you get to rest. Perhaps ten years later, the memory would be faded. But this moment, this feeling of nostalgia will stay until you die. 

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