Swinging mood.

I have always been a very emotional person, happy this second, mad the next. I sometimes feel like I’m on this roller coaster that is never-ending, even past death my feelings will linger. It is almost like the feelings I feel are not how I react to life, but a individual wild creature within me that has its own train of thought. 

I don’t know what triggers my mood swings most of the time. The swing just swings on its own dancing in the rain. It can suddenly be elating, like I have never been this happy in my life, happier than a child with a popsicle. Suddenly I will feel like I have never been this miserable, a deep melancholy that makes me feel ancient. The never-ending depression that shrouds me and pushes me down into the ice-cold water until I eventually suffocate. Like the sharp pain that one gets when you bite down on an ulcer, like a splinter in your finger, like a knife in your heart. Then you are happy again, like Cinderella on her wedding day, or when the squirrel finally gets the acorn in Ice Age

Then it repeats itself.

Over and over again.

Like a swing with endless lines of children waiting to be swung.

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