The Plug

It was like a repressed feeling,
the plug that held in all my emotions.

By pulling it I release all my feelings,
both good and bad and even worse.

Perhaps it comes with a cost this thing called love,
a heavy price that I am willing to pay.



I would always remember the little drizzles that wet our skin on that very day.
The magical sensation of being so free so happy and unbound by all rules of society.
The happiness is shared only by us, a little secret in which we shall keep forever.
The people won’t understand it, they wouldn’t know this was love!
They would sneer at us, at our dreams and try to tie us down to reality.
”BE REALISTIC” they say.
But we refused, we were like balloons that were let go of: flying, soaring into the sky.

When you realise.

It is never until the moment you can’t have something, that you realise how precious it was.

It is never until you have lost something, that you have an epiphany and realise what an idiot you were for not treasuring it.

It is never until you have been denied something, that you realise how much you really want it.

When you realise how big a fool you were, it’s probably already too late.

Gap, seas and mountains away

You and I we drift apart,
like otters that don’t do their part.
You talk I l don’t, my turn to wait
but when do we communicate?

Perhaps there is a gap between,
or maybe just a deep ravine
in which my words get lost for good,
echoing booms deep in the wood.

Huge gaps, deep seas, mountains away,
forever have I lost my say.

My voice is carried far, dazed,
my eyesights blurs, hazed.