Insecure thoughts

Sometimes insecurity can kill everything you have. It’s destructability is even past the worst of all biochemical weapons.
It tears you apart, starting from the soul.

It first starts nudging you gently, planting the seeds of doubt into you mind.
Slowly the poison spreads and takes control over everything.
It corrodes all happiness from you, bit by bit.
Am I good enough?
Am I doing my best?
Why do I always make things go wrong?
Why does everyone not seem to like me?
Perhaps it IS my problem.
Perhaps I am wrong.

What a terrible thought, that everything is irrevocably irrepairable. That everything is just WRONG.

It kills your happiness.
It kills your sleep.
It kills your peace of mind.
It kills you.

Slowly you will realise that what you really need to do is believe in yourself. But as usual, that’s really much harder than it seems.


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