Sudden realisation.

Usually when you realise that something is impossible, you give in, cross your fingers and perhaps then hope for the best.

Probably I’m going two steps ahead of myself and think about things that might someday happen. But although it’s a long way from now, it’s probably going to happen anyways.

Some things are inevitable.
Some things are for certain.

People say, “Give a little faith, trust in love!”

But what is there to trust in love? Love is giving. And sometimes when people get what they want, they just leave you there bleeding, not even sparing you a “thank you”.

Sometimes I just wish I was bossier, bitchier and just blunt like some other girls are. I just keep repressing the urge to want to just break down and cry and tell you how much I love you and need you and want you. Because then you would know that you have my heart, and then you would leave me.

How fickle trust can be. I would willingly believe every word you say, that you love me, that you would die for me, that you would do just about anything to make me happy. Who would I be kidding? I should always remind myself. To keep expectations low, that way I will never be disappointed.

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