Dreading the future before it begins.

So we all know that certain things will happen one day.

Such as death.

“It does seem silly, really. To put all that effort into something that’s just going to die. ” (The Painted Veil)

I have always been afraid of long distance relationships, and seeing that I just had my very first failure during Easter I suppose you know why. How can you remain close with someone whom you won’t see for days, weeks or even months to come? To trust in something that could be broken easily?

How do I know if my partner cheats? HOW do i possibly omit the fact that most long distance relationships end up… fucked up?

It does seem silly.
The fact that I try to calm myself into the thought of trying again.

“he wont leave you”

“he isnt your ex”

“you guys still have time to build up trust in your relationship”

“not everything is so bleak and dreary”


Alas, I sit here alone typing into this blog through the tapping of my fingers on the cold keyboard…

My insecurities just eat me alive.


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